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Types Of Toggle Actions:

Steel Smith is a prominent manufacturer and supplier of a wide range of toggle clamps. Our toggle clamps are well known for its features like durability and sturdy construction. We have developed its series of clamps & clamping equipments for infinite applications taking into consideration the different shapes, sizes, holding capacity, operator's position & strength etc. Majority of the Toggle Clamps are part of the following key actions group, which are:

Vertical Hold Down Action : (VTC- Series)

These clamps are recognized by their vertical handles, as their name implies. These clamps are manufactured with a holding capacity of up to 3000 kgs. The clamping exhibits a minimum of 90 degree opening angle giving full clearance for loading & unloading of work piece. Clamping arm can be solid bar, U shaped or fixed hole to suit individual requirements.

Steel Smith offers a wide selection of toggle clamps from hold down clamps (vertical or horizontal handle) to door closing clamps etc. Steel Smith is the solution for all your clamping needs.

Horizontal Hold Down Action : (H- Series)

Low height design is one of the key features of Horizontal Hold-Down clamps. Unlike the handle and the hold-down bar of the vertical clamps, those of the horizontal clamps move in opposite directions. Horizontal hold-down clamps are created with solid or "U" shaped hold-down bars and with various mounting alternatives.

Straight Line Action : (HTC-Series)

The straight line action toggle clamps design uses a straight-line or push/pull, Toggle clamping action. The push / pull handle is easy to operate & moves the plungers of the clamp in and out along its axis. Most of these clamps can be locked in two positions, allowing you to use them as either push or pull clamps. These clamps are manufactured in a variety of models to accommodate a wide range of load ratings.(45 kgs - 4,500 kgs).

Pull Action Clamps : (PAH-Series)

Pull Action Clamps are perfect for chamber doors, mold closures, access doors. They feature a handle that can be moved to place the clamping pull bar around the opposing latch and pressed down to reach the locked position. Pull action clamps are convenient for operation and offer a powerful closing force. These clamps are manufactured with holding capacities from 150kgs to 3000kgs. The threaded "hook" or "U-bolt" type bars present an adjustment attribute.

Squeeze Action Clamps : (TP-Series)

Squeeze Action Clamps are also identified as portable clamps. Squeeze Action Toggle Clamps hold parts with a pinching or squeezing action flanked by two clamping jaws. The jaws of the squeeze action clamps are locked mechanically when closing, as one or both handles are squeezed against the central position. All forged models are heat-treated alloy steel, machined to close tolerances. Squeeze Action clamps provide quick and flexible clamping.

Horizontal toggle clamps

Toggle clamps are employed for temporary clamping which can be employed and released easily through the motion of a handle, lever, or pneumatic swift. The advanced clamping force of Horizontal toggle clamps makes it ideal for holding materials while welding and drilling.


  • HV Series Clamp in a BIW fixture
  • HV Series in fixture used with standard shimps
  • HV Series with modified Arm
  • AOT-98125-SB used in a SPM
  • Numerrous HV Series used in a Spot welding fixture
  • AOT-2530-HTC used to hold cylindrical w/p in tapping process
  • AOT-3586-SB used in a checking fixture
  • SSC-2550 used in a SPM
  • DCTC Series clamps on a Welding Fixture
  • H - Series Clamps used for Ladder Assembly